Thursday, October 10, 2013

Civil war in Syria

Syria is in the middle of much political and social unrest and the damage caused by the violence of the war so far is astounding. Many homes have been destroyed and the victims of this travesty have had to leave and find refuge wherever they can. Most likely in the rubble of what used to be. What is surprising about the incident is that most of the victims of the bombings have been children. It is clear that a violation of human rights has been inflicted by those who initiate civil unrest and leave small children to live in dilapidated and destroyed buildings while simultaneously coping with the loss of their home and family.

I personally find it difficult to imagine how one could cope with a situation where one looses everything. However, it was comforting to hear that there are some individuals that are looking after the orphaned children. Even though there are many that will destroy there are still people with humanitarian morals. To validate the good morals that other countries claim to have, there should be some actions taken to aid the people suffering in Syria; however it’s difficult to send in the help that they need due to the massive amount of people affected by the destruction.

Helping those in war torn countries should constitute as a basic human right because the conditions that these children have to experience as of now are conditions that no child should ever have to experience in any way. They have no say in where they were born or who they are left with. They are innocent and require help.

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