Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Syrian Bombing Kills Innocent Civilians

Recently, the Syrian government initiated several fuel based bombings near a opposition-held secondary school, which has reportedly killed at least fourteen civilians, several of which were students. Judging by the large area of damage the bombs caused as well as the extensive burn wounds, it was clear that the weapons in question were in fact fuel-air explosives. A resident of the area said that no one in the area was armed or presented any sort of reputable threat. Ever since opposition forces captured the city of Raqqa, its residents have been the victims of many bombings performed by the Syrian forces. The bombing was an indiscriminate, and debatably intentional strike against innocent civilians, which is fueling conflict and tension. 
The consistent bombings by the Syrian forces are in direct conflict with the international humanitarian law, or the law of war. The intentional harm of innocent civilians is without a doubt a war crime. It should be a human right to be insured safety from other individuals. A student should not have to fear his or her life every time he or she gets out of bed to go to school. This most recent occurrence is not the only instance of indiscriminate Syrian attacks on innocent civilians; in June, the government forces also fired on school buildings that were not being used for military purposes. Enrollment rates for schools in the area have dropped by 14 percent as a result of this violence. If the Syrian forces do not constrain their display of military weaponry and continue to breach fundamental human rights laws, then the Syrian government could be making many more enemies outside of the opposition forces. 

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-Madison Evans

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