Friday, October 18, 2013

UN rights expert joins call for concerted global action to fight human trafficking

Human trafficking has been a problem for a great many years, and lately, it seems to have surfaced with the United Nations as the intergovernmental organization attempts to secure connections throughout the world in order to fight this recurring crime.  One of the experts with the UN stated it was imperative that the countries involved in the trafficking, along with multi-national corporations, had an obligation to work together and fight human trafficking.

The question at hand, however, is why this is a problem at all.  After all, everyone knows that human trafficking is heinous and illegal, and deserves to be stopped wherever and whenever possible.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of interest on the part of many countries to first, provide protection to the victims of such crimes, and at the same time persecute the perpetrators.  Therefore, the UN has decided to forego their previous approach of introducing this as a model based on national security, and rather one based on human rights themselves, a tune that the entire world strives to dance towards.

While this article is at its core, headed in the right direction, it does very little to actually specify the steps or actions that have to be taken in order to crack down on the human trafficking scene.  Many of the countries involved in unintentionally harboring this multi-billion dollar industry don’t have the resources or time to focus on this, and so it falls on the UN to dictate and decree what process will be followed in order to ensure that these crimes come to an end, or at the very least, are stopped from expanding as they are doing so now.

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