Friday, October 4, 2013

FSU's Engineers Without Borders volunteer in Panama

FSU’s Engineers Without Borders recently went to Panama. They tested 13 samples of water and 12 of them had E.coli in them. The one sample that didn’t have E.coli in it was filtered using a water catchment system. In order to make living conditions better for the people in that area in Panama, the association will build a water catchment system there. This system would make the water much cleaner for the people living there and make their quality of life higher. Once the association is done implementing the water catchment system, they will go to other areas to try to help out.
This was a very positive article. While most articles about human rights tend to be more negative, this one was about people helping others, which is awesome. In order to make the quality of life for mankind as great as it can be, people should probably work together like FSU’s Engineers Without Borders is working with people in Panama.
FSU’s Engineers Without Borders will probably aid in improving FSU’s international relations as they are helping to improve the quality of life in Panama. However, I think the attitude they have as they go to Panama to implement the water catchment system is very important. They need to make sure to not be arrogant and keep a positive face while interacting with the people in Panama.

It’s exciting to think of engineering and human rights in the same context as an engineering student. I think that when many people think of engineers they tend to think of science and math type people rather than people who are also interested in humanities. This article puts engineering in a positive light and presents the profession as more well-rounded.

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