Friday, October 18, 2013

Tunisia: Landmark Opportunity to Combat Torture

The article is about Tunisia adopting a  law to create a National Authority for the Prevention of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.  The Aplenary session of the legislative assembly will elect 16 experts to the new authority from a preselected list. These experts will have the authority to visit any site where people are deprived of their liberty to document torture and ill-treatment, to request criminal and administrative investigations, and to issue recommendations for measures to eradicate torture and ill-treatment.
Tunisia is the first country in Middle East and North Africa region to establish an independent domestic mechanism to prevent torture, in line with provisions of the United Nations Optional Protocol to the Convention again Torture (OPCAT). Also, what  is interesting is that the law requires parliament to select a diverse group of experts, including women, and people with experience in child justice, human rights, medicine, and administration of justice.
Reading the article, I thought UN did a great job in helping the country to establish such law, but it is sad to hear there are as many tortures and ill-treatement around the world. This event makes me wonder just how much torture and ill-treatment are there that the law is required. I do not know what the Tunisians use torture for, but I can definitely say it is not the right way. There are always options. As the article states, there are many cases of mysterious deaths that seems to be the result of torture. I feel so bad for these people who got tortured, and it gives me the feeling that I should find a way to help these people somehow.  What I can do to help is so little. But I thought posting about it on facebook  might tell people better. Social media should be used more in a way to point out people in need and show it to the people around the world. Like most people around me I haven't experienced torture. When I think or imagine of torture, what comes to my mind is just the horrible scenes from the Orphan Master's Son where Jun Do gets tortured. If it were not this blog assignment, it is most likely that I wouldn't have seen this article. In which, I think a great way to increase help and give attention to these matters is to give people  more exposure to such things in social media. Finally, I hope the people of Tunisia get help in every way possible through the new law UN would keep up with the great job helping other countries in need of help.

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