Friday, October 25, 2013

Shocked that U.S. is Violating Human Rights?

When the industry for drone creation began in the United States back in 2011, no one thought it would lead to breaking news articles that read: “Will I be Next? U.S. Drone Strikes in Pakistan.” The whole idea and investment behind drone strikes is to fuel the counterattack on terrorism in the Middle East and to fight Al-Qaeda without use of actual U.S. soldiers. But, according to other sources, they have done everything but that. The human rights organizations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have released a report, saying that this newly funded program is unlawfully killing innocent bystanders in Pakistan and Yemen. The report investigates several of the forty-five drone strikes that have occurred and have disclosed information that some of the victims hit by the drones were not the intended Al-Qaeda or Taliban targets, and instead civilians.
                And to make matters worse, the organizations are having issues gathering information about the drone strikes due to the lack of U.S. government effort to address the problem at hand. “The Amnesty report suggests that the U.S. could possibly be committing international war crimes on account of some of the drone strikes that have occurred.” Unfortunately, these accusations will continue if the U.S. government continues to fail to make a statement about the issue. This could also lead to more people joining the opposition in the war on terror if what is being said is true. If these awful killings continue without someone taking responsibility the U.S. government may find itself in a serious “hot seat.”
                I think that the purpose of this drone project is one that is very important in determining the possible livelihood of many American soldiers, but if in the process, we are not doing what is humanely right, the problem needs to be fixed before it escalates any further. Before all the fingers are pointed at us.

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