Friday, March 29, 2013

A Not so Typical Radio Channel

This is perhaps the most astounding piece of community unity that I have seen out there, and I've seen quite a bit of the world for someone my age. Guatemala is not the most advanced country in the world, but this particular community shows some ideals that were once strongly fought for in developed countries, namely the education of children and women. I believe that this world cannot progress without a generally educated population and such a radio station is the prime example of people having this same vision.

It is sad to think that the government would actually prefer to carry out the laws that inhibit such progressive institutions than to analyze the situation and realize that there may be something wrong with the established radio system. If only other areas of the world could achieve this much, I believe that populations would be more intelligent which in turn leads to greater degrees of development as people seek more knowledge and greater opportunity.

Although it may not be easy to teach tens or hundreds of people how to read a particular language, this radio station demonstrates an attractive alternative: transmitting news to the population in a way that they can understand and without bias so as to have the people develop their own moral choices over the situations around the world, but perhaps more importantly, in their country.

The amount of support that Radio Sembrador has reached shows that people wish to be educated and that it is important to the population, but oftentimes the act of teaching needs to be taken up by local hands rather than more distant hands (as in the government) because there cannot be one established form of education for everyone as different regions have different subcultures.

I personally would like to see more of this form of motivation and initiative from other places in the world. I try to do my own part to educate the world by participating in tutoring programs and always offering my services to friends, but imagine the progress in the world if we reached out to at least one other person to help them become more of a world citizen. 

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