Friday, March 29, 2013

What is happening in Somalia?

Somalia is a very dangerous place these days. Not only are citizens being raped and beaten, but members of the state security forces. The government is not doing what they need to do to protect all of the people in Somalia.  The main thing that needs to be improved is the overall protection of everybody located in Somalia.  There are reported physical attacks and other information in other articles that are very disturbing to read about.  It is hard to imagine that people are actually going through all of this across the world.  Most of this is happening all around the world, we are just not aware of it.  Instead of finding non-violent negotiation methods, all the Somalis are joining into the violent ways.  This will not accomplish anything in the future.  All this is teaching people is to solve problems violently ad then nothing will ever get solved.  The government is not helping with this situation, because the government believes that violence is the way to go and everything will get solved that way.  If protection is focused on becoming relevant in Somalia then all the other small things will quickly start to vanish.   This will help the future of not only the people of Somalia, but end up effecting many more people in the world before they even know it. 

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