Monday, March 4, 2013

India Goes Backwards on Human Rights

For human rights, we have reasons to make such things. Between the people, we need what we call equality. Equality that makes people fair of what they are doing or what they did. If this equality does not meet the basic standards, justice needs to be served. However in India, these obvious human rights are not being followed as it is going backwards. India continues to fail protection to women who experienced violence. Also their protection for freedom of speech and the justice to the people who did wrong are the problems. As a interview was done, their major problem of human rights is the difference between the noble intentions and their actions. As a translation, only the strong moves the government and the weak are just there to see their judgment. The women in India mainly suffer from the sexual violence but the government responses are not seen. Also the lack of protection for freedom of speech continues to be a blockage of a civil society they are hoping of. A woman commented on the Indian government saying they are only worried about what is said on Twitter or Facebook. Another issue was pointed out that the soldiers are allowed to commit serious human rights violations as said in the Armed Forces Special Powers Act. The Indian government needs some work for their country as these women are not getting the rights they should get from their country.

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