Friday, March 8, 2013

Issue of "comfort women."

Japanese government has avoided taking responsibility of the issue of comfort women in the Japanese military. During Korea’s Japanese occupation, Japanese military was involved into the seduction and coercion of innocent women into sexual slavery. The wartime sex slaves, “comfort women,” have not been compensated for Japanese government’s inhumane treatment. Although Japanese leaders have been said Japan would apologize and make proper compensation for the “comfort women,” Japanese government does not take any actions.

On November 5th, 2012, the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a report calling for Japanese government to resolve the issue because Japan has avoided responsibility for about a century. The UN Human Rights Council reviewed the human rights status, and recommended Japan’s legal responsibility and requested for a compensation for the issue in the Japanese military.

As time went by fast, the victims of the “comfort women” issue have been aged since their inhumane experience. I ask myself a question, “Does time forgive the inhumane crime?” I say, “No, time does not compensate for the Japanese’s crime act. The constant denial of Japanese government does not let Japanese military be free of responsibility on the comfort women.

More tight response is necessary to pressure the Japanese government to recognize the seriousness of the issue. Moreover, this is the issue of morality. However, the Japanese delegation repeated their prior position that reparation for the victims were solved with the San Francisco Peace Treaty and other treaties signed with the concerned countries. It looks like the response, which the Japanese government will submit next year, will not deviate from their existing position.

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