Friday, March 1, 2013

Brutal reign by South African police claims another victim

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In many countries, Police has high respect because they are considered as fighters against envy and carry out the justice. However, in South Africa, those who should defend the justice turned into the murderer. It is so astonish that a Mozambican man was tied to the back of a police vehicle and was dragged down the road. The man is reported to have died later in a police cell from head injuries. No matter whether the man is guilty, he deserves the respect as a human. He should face a fair judgment. However, he was treated like an animal and was killed without any justification. What is the difference between this type of police and murderers? I can’t tell the difference except that they wear the uniform which help “justified” what they did. I think police should protect people instead of doing whatever they want with the power. Their power is given by their people. If they keep doing that, I believe they can’t be trusted by their people. If the government doesn’t step out to change the situation, it will lose the support from South Africa citizens. Brutal reign may scare people and make them obedient in a short time. However, one day, people will not bear and the eruption of unsatisfaction will end the government. There is no government can survive long without the support from its own people. The brutal reign of South Africa police is a sign for the violation of democracy. At the same time, it is also a dangerous sign for the ending of the government. If the police and government keep doing what they did without thinking about their people, one day, they will face the result by what they did from their people. When that time come, it would be too late for them to regret.

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