Friday, March 1, 2013

South Sudan becomes a free nation, but tens of thousands of its people remain enslaved in the North

South Sudan becomes a free nation, but tens of thousands of its people remain enslaved in the North


 The slavery issue is indeed one of the head issues in Africa, which until nowadays endangering African Human rights. This article is illustrating the problem of slavery problem in Sudan. After the independence of Sudan from Egypt in 1956, two civil wars had occurred among Sudanese people. With all the revolutions and wars, finally the Republic of South Sudan became independence from Sudan. According to the article, newly born country, South Sudan, encountered the slavery problem, while it was in the process of nation building. It was so because thousands of South Sudanese were still captured as slaves in the north, Sudan. The article says, that they were the one who bolstered the revolutions, during the process of South Sudan becoming independence.

Tracing back Sudan's history, the native black Africans were slaughtered by the ruling northern Egyptians. Egypt, although it is part of Africa, has ethnic and cultures that are different from black-Africans. Through the slave-raid that the ruling north practiced ended with southern Sudan's independence, however those who were already enslaved couldn't return to their home. CSI (Christian Solidarity International) and AASG (American Anti-Slavery Group) are working hard to send these slaves back to south, however the reality is much harsher.

 The slavery always have been the major factor that had irritated the world human rights. Throughout the history, there had been uncountable amount of numbers between different ethnics. The winner took the losers back to their lands as their slaves. The winner never saw the loser as equal human. They treated them as they were even lower than the animals. As it gets to the modern world, all of these practices had been wiped out from the globe. Through the two world wars, people realized that the peace is essential and recent human rights activities erased the conflicts between the ethnics. However Africa, which most of the countries are in the standard of developing, is changing much slower than other developed countries. Strictly speaking, they still have the old characteristics of wildness, which the stronger one should be stepped on the weaker ones. It is not so only for Sudan. Most of the African countries are going through wars between races, for example the Rwanda Genocide. This was mainly because of the European colonization, which impeded the African countries' cultural, economic, ethnical developments. Now they are in stage that they cannot control and get it right. The colonizers, European countries, must be responsible for this issues and should help actively for the African countries to welcome the peace.

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