Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bangladesh on the Brink

There has been a lot of chaos in Bangladesh. A lawyer who was the chief prosecutor of the Bosnian war crimes wrote this article. According to this article, the commotion is due to the outcome of the war in 1971 that pitted the two Pakistans together. The concept was to split the subcontinent by religion because India is primarily Hindu and Pakistan is primarily Muslim. This is causing problems within the country against the followers of the two religions. While the country continues to try to resolve their civil issues, they refuse to accept help from outsiders.

When reading this article, I thought a lot about the parallels between this article and Persepolis. There are a lot of demonstrations, a lot erupting into violence. There is political unrest on who should come to power, and innocent people are condemned every day. It’s very disheartening to see people fight over a difference in religious views. While foreign powers are trying to help Bangladesh, they refuse to receive help. The government rejects suggestions from the international community and strictly adheres to legal precedent. I believe that is regressive. While sticking to culture should be important, I believe that other opinions are necessary in order to consider multiple views with a possible resolution that would result in satisfaction to all parties. However, I can see why they would want to exclude opinions from outsiders; outsiders don’t exactly understand nor have they grown up in the same circumstances as everyone else in that country. So, they probably don’t completely understand why the government is taking its actions that they deem appropriate.

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