Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saudi Arabia "Mis"Trials

Saudi Arabian courts subjected two civil rights activists to jail and seven men, originally arrested for armed robbery, to death via firing squad. Saudi Arabia seems to get brushed off frequently because of their compliance with OPSEC, however Saudi frequently shows its conservative Islamist ties much like Iran in Persepolis. The article below interviews people who say that due process doesn't really occur. Sentences are often issued from first glance and not based on evidence. Contrasting how Persepolis constantly takes the view of the woman and the veil, it seems when referring to men, the powers that be just kill the person in question. Also in this article is public unrest. Channels are slowly opening to spread light all human rights violations, which will no doubt lead to their demise. The example used in this article is Twitter. A few of the aghast tweets are shown that make the reader know change is soon to come.

Reference: Hauser, Christine. Accessed 14 March 2013. 14 March 2013.

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