Friday, March 8, 2013

The Denial of Nanking Massacre

On December 1997, Imperial Japanese Army captured the city of Nanking, the former capital of the Republic of China. In the following days, thousands of Chinese citizens were killed by Japanese. Innocent citizens were slaughtered like animals without any sympathy, even the elder and the child could not survive. Almost everyone in China knows this tragedy. However, the mayor of Nagoya announced that he doubted Japanese soldiers had ever committed atrocities during their World War II occupation of Nanking.

From my point of view, I feel outraged when I heard about this news. I cannot believe that Japanese would deny this fact. When I was at very young age, my school arranged a trip to Museum of Nanking Massacre which is the first time I got to know it. In the Museum, I saw so many sad pictures and diaries recording this disaster. The most impressive thing I saw is the “wall of skulls”, which is from victims. 300,000 innocent citizens were torched, raped and killed by Japanese soldiers. Moreover, every textbook about Chinese modern history has the record of the Rape of Nanking. The open denial of this catastrophe from Japanese officer just shocked me. I could not understand why they do not regret for what they have done. I could not believe even a nation could be so irresponsible. Compared to federal Germany president who kneed down on his knees in front of the Poland's Jewish memorial to regret for crimes they did to Jewish, the mayor of Nagoya did a very naïve and irresponsible thing. The one of the most obvious violation of human life rights in the human history has been ignored by its maker.

I really hope Japanese could admit what they did to Chinese citizens in Nanjing. It would be not only a respect to the deceased but also an appreciation to the most basic human rights, life rights.

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