Thursday, March 28, 2013

What does Russia want?

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It has been a year since Russian President Putin won the election. Under his leadership, Russia has become increasingly aggressive towards the West regarding to a lot of issues. Recently, since the BRICS (BrazilRussiaIndiaChina and South Africa.) officially announced that they were pursuing new beginning in trade, Russia has been looking for a chance to talk to these countries in the name of trade and foster an alternative community.

Westerners believe that this new community would no longer  bound not by  humanity and international obligations, but controlled by who believe human rights concerns are threatening to the state. Regarding to Russia government's action during their  domestic human rights critics, they believe that Russia does not like global coalitions that support human rights.

Moreover, Putin also acted quite aggressively on the international stage. For instance, Russia is trying to keep the United Nations Security Council from helping the Syrians solving their human rights crises, and they want BRICS partners to ignore the transgressions. The author states that South Africa and Pretoria should not support the notion that human rights are not the concern of international community. 

I personally think that the concerns of human rights issues should not be ignored because of some countries' selfish ambition. The innocent people in Syria couldn't be sacrificed due to international disputes, let alone the dispute between two other countries. 

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