Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mali: Soldiers Torture Detainees in Léré

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Middle Africa is like a vortex where religion, political parties and military groups twisted together. A lot of issues that violated human rights have happened in this area. Malian soldiers tortured seven suspected supporters of Islamist armed groups in Léré, near Timbuktu. As described by the victim, soldiers attacked them when they went from nearby villages to sell their cows. All happened because they are muslins. After the torture and other ill-treatment of the men caused lasting injuries, One man went blind in one eye after being clubbed in the face with a gun butt, while another had gone partially deaf after being kicked repeatedly in the head. It is so astonish that innocent people have to face such threat everyday. They have to live under fear. I think, no matter what kind of religion they have, the bottom line is that they are humans. They have right to live and they should have freedom for their belief. It’s ridicules that their rights are violated in this way. One the other hand, the government should make more effort to protect their citizen. How can people support a government that couldn’t even be able to protect their own people? It’s basic responsibility for government to keep their citizen safe despite their religion. In addition, soldiers are protectors for citizen and homeland. They are not weapons to sweep out minority group with different belief. People despite of what they think and belief should be respected. At least, their safety of life should never be violence. The reason that soldiers torture these innocent people is because the connivance from government. Only when government treats the safety of citizen seriously, punishes those tortured innocent people illegally and puts more efforts to spread ideas of human rights and equality, the massive situation may development in positive way.

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