Friday, March 1, 2013

Close down of a human rights organization in Pakistan.

Today, March 1st, 2013, a human rights organization in Pakistan was banned by Muslim extremist groups.
The organization, the Association of Global Humanists and Ethics Pakistan, has been working in the Asian country since it was registered on September, 2005. This organization works on the issues of women rights, girl’s education, child rights, and peace building.

As the association carries and completes its projects to achieve its goals for the above human rights issues in Pakistan, the fundamental Muslim groups give forces the association to stop its activities because the Muslim groups do not appreciate such activities for human rights.

The Muslim groups reacts to the human rights activities with armed force in order to stop educate females and to use children for the Muslim groups’ labors. If Pakistanis do not follow the fundamentalists’ decisions and acts, the group threats the social weak.

 Women’ right to get education has been banned by Muslim groups, consisted of men, in Pakistan.
As the Muslims prevent females and children’s access to get education by physical threats, the extremists want to take control over the social “minorities.”

If the weak group gets education and so becomes aware of such unfair and inhumane treatments by the Muslim fundamentalists, the fundamentalists cannot control the society as well as they wish.
The action of extremists has been “supported” by some Pakistanis provincial governments. Such actions related to the provincial government’s strength the fundamentalist groups who are killing people in the name of Islam.

The current human rights issue is not only on the education problems but also on the rights of living, just living. Physical threats to life should not be happening and so international support for the basic human rights in Pakistan is needed immediately.

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