Friday, March 29, 2013

Does" Human Rights" a word found in a Dictionary in North Korea?

North Korea is known for notorious human rights issue violation and hostile environment against their own citizens to keep their communist ideology and the dictatorship for decades. People suffer starvation, lack of freedom and people are always under a "neighbor watch" which eliminates their privacy and the sense of community. 

This article talks about what is going on with their prison camps in North Korea. It is not so surprising that such inhumane torture is still going on in North Korea. A lot of South Korean military hostage from the Korean War suffered in those labor prisoner camps until their death. These types of human rights problem existed from decades ago. The worst part of the problem is that almost nobody has a direct influence that can resolve such issues.

North Korea has always been under human rights watch but nothing effective was done to resolve the problem. This is potentially the bigger problem than the human rights violation that is happening in North Korea currently. The rest of the world does not have the tools to help the people in stubborn state of North Korea. 

In my opinion, this is going to become more serious problem since N.K. is getting cut off from the rest of the world more and more as they develops nuclear weapons and continue to contest against South Korea and United States. U.N signed a sanction that is going to significantly reduce the ability of North Korea from trading with the outside world to attack their economy but that is just causing North Korea to be more isolated. 

Resolving the human rights issue in North Korea is a very urgent task. People are dying every minute due to torture, starvation and execution for their ideology. We do not hear every details of what happens in North Korea but we know that there is more than what we read about. I hope there comes a day when North Korea people can enjoy the same human rights signed in Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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