Thursday, March 14, 2013

Violence Towards Women

PHR or Physicians for Human Rights supported the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) by the House of Representatives. This act was passed in order to protect woman of the United States, but the PHR want to try and get this act to be placed all around the world for woman not just in the United States. The legal protections in this act are for all forms of sexual violence against woman, and the law gives funds to investigate and prosecute crimes towards women and helps woman who have been subjected to violence in many more ways including giving civil remedies to women when prosecutors do not file criminal charges. The International Violence Against Woman Act is the next act that is wanting to be passed which would be put into effect in foreign countries helping to reduce gender-based violence, encouraging women’s economic opportunity, and helping to change the views of others on violence. I think the passing of these acts would be very beneficial towards women’s rights and ending violence towards women. Violence against women can be found all over the world, so the passing of the International Violence Against Women Act would help in reducing violent crimes against women everywhere and not just in the United States. If these acts are not placed on other countries worldwide, then violence towards women will continue to occur. Women should not have to worry about the threat of being attacked or subject to crimes including human trafficking, but passing these acts will help decrease this worry worldwide.  

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