Friday, March 15, 2013

Trial Over Terrifying 'Operation Condor' Under Way

     In the 1970’s, Argentina, like many other countries in South America, was run by dictators like Bignone and Videla. These were two of the many people who took part in over one hundred human rights violations. The disappearances, increase in prisoners, and deaths that took place in South America were centralized in Chile under the rule of Agusto Pinochet but spread out among neighboring countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay. They, the right wing governments in charge of South America, called the removal of certain enemies from the public Operation Condor. Operation Condor led to over 50,000 people being killed, 400,000 being jailed, and over 30,000 disappearing. These people are now being tried for their crimes and people like Videla are serving life sentences. I think its horrible that they waited until now to start the trials for all of these human rights violators rather than having started twenty years ago when the matter was more present. Unfortunately, since the trial is ongoing, not all of the details have been released in the article but what has been stated is quite appalling. The number of people who were sentenced to prison for not agreeing with the politics of the government and the amount of people who disappeared and died due to this is horrendous. It scares me to think that I was born in Buenos Aires, just a decade after these things happened and that my parents lived through them! Hopefully, by the end of the trial these people well be placed in prison for their crimes and every countries’ people will be able to recuperate from their natural rights as a human being violated. 


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