Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two Saudis in human rights group get 10 years in prison

     Grasping the international attention, two of Saudi Arabia's most prominent human rights activists were each sentenced on Saturday to more than 10 years in prison. They were found guilty of making incorrect information to foreign media. Furthermore, they found and ran an unlicensed human rights of organization, named Saudi Civil Rights Association, including other sorts of offenses. There was a widespread criticism from international human rights community that have said the trials against these two men were politically motivated.
     Al-Qahtani, one of these two men, is a 46 years old economics professor and received nine charges. He broke allegiance to the Saudi King. Interestingly, Al-Qahtani described how Sadui is like a police state, making others and all international groups go against the Saudi, the nation. Al-Hamid, the other men, also faced the similar charges. By the establishment of the unlicensed organization, he secretly spread the chaos to the kingdom. Moreover, he actually questioned the authority of official clerics and manipulated the public order.
     It is very confusing how we must see these men. We still do not know actual story behind, telling whether they are bad or not. In the interview they had with CNN, for instance, they referenced the Kingdom as a stalker who showed the anger towards them for running the human rights activist group that strives to expose any human rights violations. It seems to me that it is very hard to believe the actual government and mass media that might brainwash us in some way. These two men, who are now charged and sentenced to jail for lots of years, may be the people we really need for our world but are suppressed by the actions of the authoritative government which does not want to expose its image to the world. We never know the real situation.

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