Friday, March 1, 2013

Amputation Sentence in Sudan

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The president of Sudan, Omar al Bashir, made an announcement declaring his wish to make Sudan a ‘hundred percent’ Islamic state. By doing so, he is following the example of the former president Nimeiry, who introduced Sharia law in Sudan during the economic crisis in 1983. The first mutilation sentencing then fits with president Bashir’s announcement.
According to the Al-Sudani newspaper, Adam al-Musana 30 years old, had blocked a road in March 2006 stopping a car on its way to the market and ahd threatened the passengers with a Kalashnikov rifle. As per Sudanese law, the convict’s right hand and left foot were amputated. This has caused much uproar around the world amongst all human rights activists who believe that this is simply an act of the government to intimidate the people with the amputation at a time of dissent over galloping inflation and corruption.
Further more, Sudan had made a commitment to an absolute ban on torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment by becoming a part of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Right and this amputation is a clear violation of this. There are others who are questioning the ethics and complicity of the medical team that carried out these orders and did the procedure.
This incident bring out the real stigma that humans face in times of crises, what are the people really expected to do now? They are scared and intimidated by the Government now and are scared of displaying any annoyance or disagreement with the policies of the government. What should they then do, should they wait for someone to come from the outer world to correct their problems, should they revolt against the government and most likely end up dead or should they continue to live the way they have been for so long? These are the extremely tough questions that a person living in Sudan currently has to think of each and every day of his life. This makes one wonder if man really is a master of his own destiny.

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