Friday, March 8, 2013

Palestine Issue

A few months ago, the UN voted for Palestine to be a nonvoting observer state in the assembly. The assembly voted 138 in favor, 9 against and 41 nations were neutral. The move was strongly opposed by Israel and the US that both said it was unfortunate and pushed back the peacekeeping procedure.

The dispute between Israel and Palestine goes a long way back when the Allies, after their win in the WWII, decided to give to the suffering Jews some land in the Middle East. The area was claimed to be theirs, by referring to the Old Testimony as the “Land of Opportunity”. They say their ancestors moved there long before the area was conquered by many other civilizations and eventually converted to Islam. After the land of Palestine was parted in two countries, Israel and Palestine, the Israelis made a series of wars with the Arabs and with the support of the USA conquered the rest of the land. As a result the Palestine nation was no longer existent. The Palestinians were given some land in the West Bank and Gaza and some autonomy but it was considered to be still part of Israel. Even after the treaty of 1993 in Oslo where some solution of Palestinian authority was to be given, peace never lasted for long.

This birth certificate of the State of Palestine, as it was characterized by Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas, is believed to be the basis for the relief of the Palestinians who have being suffering from Israel in the last few decades. Now the Palestinians can accuse Israel of war crimes against them and claim all the injustices that were made against them. Using Hamas and a minority of extremists who live in Palestine as an excuse, Israel made terrible things like firing against unarmed citizens. Every time an Israeli soldier dies from a Palestinian, Israel answers back with full strength against a weak and unarmed population, killing hundreds. So where is the justice between two uneven nations? Israel is seeking revenge using aircrafts against a fighting people that uses stones and flags to defend themselves. Even Barrack Obama said: “Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people” followed of course by huge criticism from the conservative side of America and the Jewish lobby. Let’s all hope this vote to be the beginning of peace between the two countries, and the cease of violation of human rights against the Palestinian people.

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