Friday, March 29, 2013

Human Rights Violations lead to Hunger Strike

Six men in Iran have been imprisoned for a crime that they did not commit.  Five of the six men have been given death sentences, while the other received 20 years in prison.  They were forced into a confession, which their families believe was a lie.  During their time in prison, they have been tortured brutally, and have not had any access to a physician, leading to some serious illnesses and physical problems.  Because of this torture as well as the receiving of the death sentence, all six men have decided to go on a hunger strike in order to be noticed by human rights activists and other people who can possibly aid in their situation.  Personally, I think that their plan is working. The article that I read has been getting out to the world, although the Supreme Court did review their sentences and decided to uphold the death sentences for the five out of six men.  I do not exactly understand the hunger strike, as it seems to me that they are simply making it worse for themselves in prison, as they are only drinking water and milk, and not eating any food.  The conditions in this prison in Iran must be incredibly bad for the men to go to such great lengths to be noticed.  Many of them have developed diseases, which must be getting worse with their severe hunger.  Although these men have been found guilty of multiple crimes, they have gone to great lengths in order to attempt to have their sentences lifted, and the case deserves to be reopened under normal circumstances without the threat of torture if they do not confess to a crime that they did not commit.

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