Friday, March 1, 2013

Infants in Japan that were affected by 2011 Tsunami are at greater risk for cancer


Babies that had been affected by or living in the region of 2011 Tsunami are at greater risk for common cancers according to this study. It pose a greater question on the use of nuclear energy. While it being cheaper and more reliable source of energy with less amount of pollutant than most majority of power plant, it definitely has a down side with a great health risk.

Radiation is definitely a very common form of energy and it can create ample amount of energy to power millions of homes but its downside is just much more devastating compared to any traditional power plants. This news also reflects on the North Korea's recent nuclear test that onset the UN security council. Humanities are facing a great scientific discovery that can enrich human life even further, but in the wrong hands, it can also devastate our lives easily.

Ethics of using nuclear energy has always been a hot issue for many and there are many regulations governing the use of such energy. However, even with many set rules things can always go out of hand and cause harm that was not expected or some just out of ill intention cause human rights issue. Is it morally right to keep creating such nuclear wastes that can spring back to us humans with strong recoil that will result in irreversible effect? I think that we need to reassess our standing with nuclear energy and may need to come up with new ways of treating this energy, with more caution and care it can truly be used to enhance human life but due to the nature of its state it needs stricter rules and also backup plans for natural disasters that can happen from it

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