Friday, March 29, 2013

Doctor kills terminally ill patients

These patients had a right to live the remainder of their lives. Some of them may have had 3 more months to live, but any given patient could be hit by a drunk driver on their way home from the hospital, and in effect only would have had some few minutes left to live. Throwing these people away and counting for nothing not only their remaining time to live, but also the time they had lived and the experiences and advice they could have shared is appalling.

If it was truly only to make the hospital run more smoothly by freeing up beds, it is unimaginable why this doctor was granted bail at all. She may very well be guilty for the murders of 300 patients under her care.

The fact that this activity has potentially gone on for some time and that numerous other doctors may have been involved is terrifying. In any given case, not a single doctor stepped forward until recently? How was she able to get away with this without any other employees or even patients noticing? It's a baffling occurrence and I'm curious to see the outcome of the trial.

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