Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yemen: Halt Execution of Alleged Juvenile Offender

It was decided that Muhammad Abdul Karim Muhammad Haza'a was to be executed March 9th, 2013 for a murder he committed in 1999.  There was, and still is, discrepancy with Haza'a's age when he committed the crime.  Yemen’s penal law strictly prohibits the execution of anyone that has committed a crime as a child (under the age of 18).  If there is any uncertainty about the age of the criminal when the crime was committed, the person should have the benefit of the doubt.  Different sources cite different ages for Haza’a. However, Haza’a was sentenced to face a firing squad although there was some doubt with his age.  This article is basically petitioning for President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi to stop the execution of Haza’a, an alleged juvenile offender.  I personally agree with this article.  The article references a source that sites Haza’a’s age was 17 when the murder was committed.  Although other sources do not support this, there is a large discrepancy regarding his age.  Because this matter is so irreversible and drastic, I think the execution should be postponed until all of the facts are examined and accounted for.  Also, in regards to the death penalty, I agree with the Human Rights Watch – the death penalty is an inhumane punishment that is never justifiable.  I think execution is a huge violation of human rights and is too big of a decision for anyone to make because it is irreversible.  The death penalty is especially wrong in Haza’a’s case because not all the facts are known.  President Hadi should have therefore postponed Haza’s execution at least until his age at the time of the crime is known for sure.

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