Thursday, March 14, 2013

Human Rights and a war

The political relationship between South Korea and North Korea has never been worse than now for the last 60 years. In 2000s, two South Korean presidents(Kim, Dae-joong and Roh, Muh-hyeon) aided North Korea with food supplies and money. Common people in S.K. at that period did not want to aid North Korea because they thought N.K. would use them for the bad uses. However, those two presidents told people not to worry, and kept helping them. As a result, N.K. developed nuclear weapons. And now they are threatening S.K. with it.

Anyways, what I want to write about today is the human rights and a war. As the SK and USA armies' "Key Resolve" exercise kicked off, NK nullified the armistice. The situation became worse than ever.

If NK decides to have a war with SK, the decision must entirely be made by Kim, Jung-eun, the president of NK. Because of one person's decision, entire people in one country would be wiped out. I always think that it is unfair. NK government brain-washes its people. Common people do not know outside of NK. They still believe that NK is one of the wealthiest countries after US and SK as a third world country. How miserable their lives are. NK people's entire lives are spent for one person, Jung Eun Kim. Because NK now has outdated weapons, they do not have any possibility to win against SK and US. If SK and NK had comparable strength, it must be less miserable for NK people. However, in reality, NK will just defeat as soon as a war occurs. If there is a war between SK and NK, it will be done maybe just because Kim, Jung-eun himself is mad.

If you and your loving people are just like puppets of one person, what would you feel about this? I would probably became indignant. I was always wondering what NK people feel about their situations after they recognize the reality. It is just sad that there still exists dictatorship in these days.

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