Friday, March 8, 2013

Finger-pointing after Chinese baby murder

Weiyu Li
            The murder case of Haobo in China could be blamed on the parents, the murder, the police or even the media. The story has caught nationwide attention in China, much like a previous case when a 2 year old girl was run over twice by cars and 18 bystanders did not even bother to help. The case of Haobo is similar in that he was left in a car for a short moment when his father went to turn off the light in the store. The car was stolen and the baby was killed. This really shows the moral decline in Chinese society. Money really has become the number 1 most important thing. Chinese no strive to get rich. This is because most Chinese are born in either middle class or lower class incomes families. They need a lot of saving to buy a house in a major city in China. Since a lot of Chinese can’t become rich, they have to either steal or accept their fate. The people see this and a lot of the killers in China blame society. People wanted to know more about this case through state media and newspapers. However, the central government didn’t want to show that Chinese society is corrupt and wanted to only show positive police efforts in the case. The story was not allowed to be on the front page and not allowed full coverage. Media was not allowed to be critical of the city’s surveillance system or the police force.

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