Friday, March 8, 2013

North Korean Nazis
Its needless to say that North Korea is on the radar these days. In more ways than one. Seen via google Earth are countless numbers of Concentration camps and detention centers. Even more disturbing is that some of the images are so clear the sufferers inside the camps can been seen.
Human rights around the world has never been of more interest to myself. Seeing the gruesome images of suffering in North Korea has been a major eye opener. People Are dying of curable diseases and starvation simply to prove points and strike fear in others. Prisoners are forced to work in what appears to be coal mines from google Earth. The camps run on different levels of cruelty with camps in the “life imprisonment zone" being the worst. People are being forced to work to the death only to send a cruel message and strike fear in others. Some of the camps run tests on "human subjects" while most prisoners are kept in large groups of thirty or more in each hut to die in filth. Many prisoners die within a year of entering the camps because of lack of food and medical treatment. In summary innocent people are sent to these camps to starve to death and die in pain from horrible disease like unwanted animals. Humans rights are the last thing crossing the leaders of these camps minds. They are all treated the same and slaved until death. 

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