Friday, March 1, 2013

Kenyan Elections

Kenyans are headed back to the polls this upcoming Monday for the first election since 2007. After the last election, over 1,100 people were killed and many were more injured and raped. It is hard to believe that in Kenya citizens are afraid to vote because it can spark post-election violence when authorities throw the election or the un-favored candidate wins. The words election and death should not be viewed as synonyms nor should citizens fear the polls. Women are especially in danger because of mass raping and sexual violence. The United Nations is very concerned about the situation, so they decided to send a team of four peacekeepers to keep a close eye on the election. Something about four officials from the United Nations just doesn’t seem sufficient enough to stop violence that could kill thousands. I would have hoped that the United Nations would have more resources to contribute to Kenya when their citizens will not even fathom going to vote because of the potential harm, or even death, that could befall them. Issues such as these need to be highlighted more in the news because they offer a serious contrast between African life and modern life in Westernized countries. Whenever we have an election the largest concern citizens have is whether or not they can make time out of their busy day to stand in line at the polls. In Africa, you have to worry whether or not you will die or be raped the day after an election because you supported a certain candidate. Hopefully the four United Nations officials will be able to prevent more mass killings.

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