Friday, March 8, 2013

Newest Nation, Out-dated Tradition

Human rights violations such as the ones in South Sudan are the reasons why I had stopped reading newspapers. The only thing the front-page news gave me was an early morning disappointment that would then cast a shadow of mild bleakness on the rest of my day. However, we can't just turn a blind eye towards these horrendous crimes. It is our moral obligation to come up with a solution to put an end to all this.

A solution is what the newest country in the world, South Sudan, needs to put an end to a highly popular practice of child marriage. The number of children getting robbed of their childhoods in South Sudan is unbelievable! Children are the real future of a nation and taking away their childhoods in such a manner does not give rise to a very promising future.


These marriages are especially severe on the girls. They are denied of their education at an early age and then forced to marry, often old men, in return for a huge dowry. Girls are seen as tradable properties by the parents. And if they oppose to the marriages they get beaten brutally till their soul cracks.

One such girl was raped (by the man she was supposed to marry) when she refused to marry while one other was tied to a tree in a near by forest and beaten till she died. Child marriage, furthermore, puts these girls under the danger of maternal mortality, as their young bodies cannot bear the functions of a baby inside them.

South Sudan is a living hell for girls! There are very few safe havens for them in the country due to the limited resources at the government’s disposal. 

Not only South Sudan, child marriage is a global problem that has plagued the society of third world countries for years.

So, if it’s been out there for years why hasn't anyone done anything against child marriages?

Because we are all cowards! No one wants to stand up against the meaningless and idiotic practices of the society and get their hands dirty. Governments across the world needs to grow a spine and a heart and help the South Sudanese government in sending a clear and bold message that child marriage is simply not tolerable!  

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