Friday, March 29, 2013

Finally: Venezuela's chance for a change

Shock invaded Venezuelans as their beloved president Hugo Chavez passed away a couple of weeks ago. People grieved after him and for two weeks, almost everything in the country was closed. While most of the country was very sad, some of my venezuelan friends were actually celebrating his death. It's ironic how people celebrate such a tragedy, but then again Chavez made life very hard for his people, even though his supposed intentions were to help the poor, he ended up only helping himself.
With Chavez gone, the country has the chance for a change, if the majority chooses to vote for Capriles, one of the current candidates for presidency. The other option is to stay just where they are by choosing the current President of Venezuela, Maduro, as the new president. Yes, he is the president even though he is running for election. I'm not sure about how this kinds of things work in America, but I know for sure that in the Venezuelan Constitution it says that the candidates for presidency are NOT supposed to BE presidents at the same time. Maduro, maintaining Chavez's tricks, just chose to do what he wanted to do. If the Constitution is not important for Maduro even before his actual term begins, what is there to be expected of his future important decisions regarding his country? Are the people going to realize that they have the chance to be one of the most powerful countries in the world? Instead they have to wait for months to find milk and bread in grocery stores. I guess we can just hope for the best.

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