Friday, March 15, 2013

Drone Attacks killing Innocent Civilians

The United Nations claims that the United States drones have killed innocent people. Unmanned drones have been used in part of the U.S counter terrorism strategy to eliminate terrorist threats and hostile militants. Unfortunately, there has been several nonmilitant civilians killed in these attacks. This is obviously a serious human rights violation. The fact the people with remote controls can fly a drone that can kill thousands of people may be troubling to some people. U.N claims that the U.S has mistakenly targeted an innocent civilian several times, and then they were killed in the attacks. According to the U.N, 4,000 people in Pakistan were killed from drone attacks and 18 to 23% of them were civilians. It is a human rights violation to kill innocent non militant civilians with these drone attacks. The U.S needs to be 100% sure that the person they are targeting is a terrorist and is a threat to national security. According to the article, poor farmers who are just doing their daily work suddenly get attacked from a drone that is impossible to see. This creates another issue of people being scared of invisible airstrikes that could hit without every evening seeing it. Drones are a huge technological advancement that will greatly help us in future wars and in preventing future terrorist attacks. However, I think they should be a bit more careful and frugal with their strikes. They should strike in a situation where lots of civilians are nearby and the strike will result in lots of civilian causalities. 

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