Friday, March 29, 2013

North Korea Seeks Response

Jack Zimmermann
Blog 3
29 March 2013

North Korea Seeks to Respond

This article appears quite frightening at first. North Korea readying its cache of rockets and missiles to target military bases and mainland America? That right there is a scary thought. But with further reading it became clear that even if North Korea were to keep on their current flow of thought and continue seeking to attack our country, they are ill-prepared to send missiles to our mainland. This entire situation, in my opinion, is a drastic over-reaction to the US flying bombers over South Korea. The United States made no direct threat towards North Korea nor did it encroach on the border of the country in any way. With North Korea seeking to bring about a more peaceful and prolonged relationship with America, I believe that the readying of all their missiles will end up being simply an attention grabber. With North Korea claiming that they are preparing to launch a hefty attack on our military bases and country, I would think our government must now hear what they have to say and try to negotiate some sort of relationship with the country instead of risk North Korea following through with these threats. America is left in a pickle with this situation: they face the decision of whether or not it is our responsibility to enter the country and try to force a regime change and implant a different government. If not, barring action from China, my guess is that the two governments will begin speaking further concerning peace talks. I would think if our government is willing to talk, things would be much more successful then it was with Dennis Rodman. The radicals in North Korea seeking “destruction of Washington” are mostly likely overzealous and neither the majority voice nor a large contributor to the decision making in North Korea. This small conflict will hopefully blow over swiftly and leave the two countries in a better situation than they were before.

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