Friday, March 1, 2013

Prison Torture Camps

In this article, gulags, or torture prison camps, from around the world are exposed for the truly devastating acts that occur inside them.  There are multiple prisons highlighted, but the worst one, in my opinion, is CAMP 22 in North Korea.  In this prison, some prisoners are forced to stand in tanks filled up to their noses with water for hours or even days on end.  Also, the prisoners are severely malnourished. The human rights violations in all of these camps are horrendous, and something must be done in order to change them.  Unfortunately, we have learned in the past couple months that North Korea is not particularly fond of America, as they have released propaganda videos of major cities such as New York burning to the ground.  Therefore, it would be very difficult to intervene in these human rights violations without condemning ourselves to some very high numbers of deaths in both soldiers and citizens.  In this case, I believe that the U.N. must take some sort of action to lessen the extent of the human rights violations in North Korea.

Also, in the Evin House of Detention in Iran, there was recently an American pastor who was imprisoned there.  He is now facing torture such as fake executions as well as starvation and beatings.  In this case, it might be necessary for American intervention.  One of our own citizens is being held there for a crime that he most likely did not commit or even something he did that should not be considered a crime, such as speaking poorly of the Iranian government.  That does not warrant the brutal torture that this man is facing, and action must be taken against all of these awful torture camps.

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