Thursday, March 14, 2013

Allowing girls to play football

I have mixed feelings on this issue. On one hand, people shouldn't be limited in their opportunities based on their gender. This girl should be allowed to play the sport she's loved since she was 5 years old. Opponents cite potential injuries as a reason to bar girls from football, but as it's been pointed out those same exact risks apply to boys.

One interesting thing is that she claims she's never been injured. I'm just speculating, but is this perhaps because she is a girl? Boys are taught from a young age not to hit girls, so is it possible that they hold back when tackling her? This idea of girls deserving a special protection is ingrained in us in many cultures, so much so that many violent criminal organizations have made it a point not to harm women or children.

For this same reason, it's not pleasant to watch a girl be tackled to the ground. There's something uncomfortable about it to me.

However, I do believe the decision is completely the Archdiocese' as a private institution and no petitions or legal action should be able to force them to alter their policy.

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