Friday, February 15, 2013

Are the cops serious?!

The situation dealing with Mr. Dorner, an ex cop is really astonishing. These two articles deal with several human rights issue such as gun use, mental health checks for government employees, the rights of government agency and the ultimate safety of the general public. The first article describes the actions of Dorner and his “capture,” while the second article describes the lengths (and mistakes) LAPD officers made in hunting down the renegade cop. The story is that a LAPD cop was fired from his job causing him to to wage a one-man war against the entire department. He successfully killed 4 officers and was later found burned alive. In the process of finding Dorner, there were several cases of innocent people being shot at due to unrestricted police gun use. The second article describes how a man, that did not resemble Dorner at all, was shot at multiple times by the police just as a “precaution.” This is definitely against our rights because the police shouldn’t be shooting at anyone regardless of the victim is innocent or not (unless the victim has a weapon and has fired it). The police are a government entity that should be the first to follow the rules, not break them. To combat this issue, these officials need better and harder training. Also, in terms of the renegade cop, this should not have been an issue in the first place. Proper mental health checkups should be administered to government officials to ensure that they are reliable for duty.

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