Friday, February 15, 2013

US: Immigration Reform Should Uphold Rights
Weiyu Li
            The new immigration law is a violation of international human rights. If an illegal immigrant is beaten or raped, they often not report this because if they do, they have to report their immigrant status to the police. They most likely will be deported out of the nation. These immigrants have no rights in America, there is no Respect and protect for families, no protection of immigrants from workplace violations and crimes, no provision of a legalization process that effectively protects the basic rights of the estimated  11 million unauthorized immigrants and no enforcement efforts on genuine threats and protect due process rights for all. American government should really consider family unity when reforming immigration. I sure don’t want to be separated from my family if my parents were deported. Even if I was able to stay I would go with them. I think this might be the cases for a lot of immigrants. However, if their children do decide to stay in American, then they have to live and provide for themselves.  After reading a few cases of immigrants who were forced to leave their family behind, I couldn’t help but sympathize with them. A mother was forced to leave her children and husband when she went back to Mexico for her son’s funeral. She couldn’t go back to USA and haven’t seen her children in 2 years. Now she is in jail for trying to illegally enter USA. Cases like these should have a way to help the immigrants to find a way to legally become part of USA with their family.

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