Friday, February 8, 2013

Historic Repetition: Abuse on Women in Guatemala and Iraq:

There is something wrong with the world when we try to manipulate families, the most fundamental unit of society, in order to prevail in warfare and politics, especially through the mistreatment of women. That the United States supported such a cause is a terrible piece of knowledge; imagine living in a country where your government ordered soldiers to rape and kill women only to discourage resistance from the particular groups that they are a part of. Fortunately, we do not live in such a society, but it is of great irony that the United States, a country that would not do that to its own population, would encourage another country to do so.

It is unfortunate for the Guatemalans that, even after their civil war, they reinstituted all these criminals into society. Without a proper governmental structure, they didn't really have a choice, but now we see the repercussions of such an event, and no one is willing to do much about it. It is a vice of humans not to react to this, and thus we are seeing how, when history goes unattended, it has a tendency of repeating itself such as it is in Iraq. It is of great curiosity that this event is also stemming in part from US intervention.

Unfortunately, it is out of the US’s reach to do much about the issue with females in Iraq since the main concern is over the political turmoil in the Middle East, and human rights are further down on the list of priorities; however, this does not excuse the inappropriate conduct that the US supported in Guatemala. There should be a greater effort to eradicate the abuse on women with a greater promotion to gain support from the American population since, as history has often shown, the concern of Americans usually leads to politicians taking action in Washington.

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