Friday, February 8, 2013

US: Act to Protect Children in Conflict

This article from the Human Rights Watch website brings up the important issue of the safety of children in conflict over seas.  The article claims that the United States has been careless with their attacks oversees and the reports of their air attacks killing hundreds of children in Afghanistan since 2008.  After criticizing the United State’s battle tactics, the article went on to share some of the methods the UN shared with the US in order to try to decrease the number of civilian deaths and to increase the safety of innocent children.  I am personally very surprised that the US has been so careless with their attacks.  In my eyes, it is bad enough to kill innocent civilians, but infringing on the safety of children really steps over the line.  I understand that in certain cases, the killing of bystanders is inevitable, but I do not support that.  Some Afghanistan civilians are terrified to leave their house because threats of attacks are so prevalent.  If one is living in their own country, they should be free to roam wherever they please without the fear of being injured or attacked.  This is part of one’s inherent rights, or human rights.  The article also discuses Afghan children held in US custody, holding many of them for over a year with inadequate access to legal assistance, education, or rehabilitation services. I think it is obvious that the US needs to be able to differentiate between adults and children.  These conditions are not suitable for children.  The UN is currently working on steering the US in the right direction.  Hopefully soon the United States will realize that they are infringing on human rights and will prohibit child cruelty. 

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