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The CYPRUS dispute

         The CYPRUS dispute: 
Constant Violation of Human rights (Part 1)

Human rights are almost a form of religion in today's world. This is a measurement of how good, joyful the life of a person is. Human rights are considered by many people as a standard thing. However most of these people, do not know that, for these rights to exist some people had to fight and eventually sacrifice their life. Unfortunately, many countries around the world are still fighting for these rights. One of these countries is CYPRUS (my home country).
Cyprus is an island located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean in sea (currently part of the European Union). It was always a country wanted by many conquerors due to its very convenient geographic location( in the center of three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe) and its natural wealth(cooper centuries ago, and currently oil and gas).
CYPRUS:In the middle of 3 continents
Being conquered by my many nations. Cypriots had to always  go through the violation of their humans rights. Most recent event was the Turkish Invasion in 1974.The effects of the invasion have not disappeared though the time, but most of them are still here, violating the human rights of the people of Cyprus even in 2013.

Many Human Rights have been violated with all the means possible. Some of these include, mass cold-blooded murders, disappearing of people (1619 person are still missing), repeated rapes, eviction and displacement (by force) of the Cypriots from their homes-land, looting of different premises, separation of families and many more.

Displacements of Cypriots (Refugees) were one of the most important violations. It is clearly stated in the European Convention of Human rights that ‘everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life/and his home...'. The Turkish Army displaced 200 000(1/3 of the population) Greek Cypriots form their lands-homes. That was accomplished mainly by physical expulsion and systematic campaign of terror. Cypriots in order to save their families had to abandon their homes and avoid the advancing Turkish armed forces. These refugees were never allowed to go back to their homes therefore they had to rebuild their lives in other Cypriot towns. 

Today, almost 40 years after the invasion nothing really changed. The Turkish government controls the occupied land and no Cypriots are allowed to go back to their homes. Many steps have been taken through the government (politicians) and other non-governmental organizations (fighting against the violation of human rights) but nothing seems to affect Turkey. Many Cypriot politicians sacrificed many years fighting for this cause. Most of these fights had no result.
Classes carried out inside refugee camps tents

The voice of the people of Cyprus must be heard. It is unthinkable, that after 40 years and so many tries this issue is unsolved. The people who used to have "everything"  in 1974 they were left with nothing, and nobody cares.

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