Friday, February 8, 2013

Human Trafficking Only Second To Drugs in Mexico


In South American and Central America, people migrate north towards the United States of America in search of opportunities that could lead to a better way of life. Many people like Mario Santos embark on this journey monthly and about 1,600 are beaten, robbed, and placed in human trafficking. This is not only illegal, but also immoral and a violation of a person’s human rights. Mario Santos was eight years old when he embarked on his journey from El Salvador to the United States and he likely never made it. Human trafficking is one of the most repulsive acts a human being can commit, subjecting another human being to regular beatings, robbing them of all their belongings, drugging them, and selling humans as slaves. It violates all human rights by taking away right to property, physical abuse, considering humans as property, making people have no self-worth and no hope of survival beyond constant rape and beatings. Unfortunately, human trafficking is the second largest crime in Mexico and in my opinion the government doesn’t do enough to try and bring these cartels down. Mexico spends fifteen billion dollars yearly towards the effort to stop trafficking but still over fifteen thousand people yearly are thrown into a life of despair where one can be sold to others for less than what their watch is worth. Just imagine you are grabbed on the street, with a gun to you back, told to go somewhere, to never be seen again. The though is horrific. Just imagine, this is happening to 1,600 families monthly in Mexico. Human trafficking is the act of becoming a slave-owner, forcing someone to be your prisoner. We do not live in a world where the rule of ‘survival of the fittest’ exists, we are more advanced and intelligent than this, yet, people succumb to this every day. Hopefully, Mexico can change some policies, and these atrocities can not only be stopped but prevented. 

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