Friday, February 15, 2013

Syrian Injustice

Syria Human Rights Article

The article that I read for this blog post sums up all of the human rights violations that have occurred during the Syrian civil war over the past few years. The violations and crimes against humanity seem to range over many topics, making the situation in Syria a dire focus of the United Nations. In 2011, protesters began to ask the Syrian government for a reformed government with actual democracy. Without civility, the government, whose job is to keep civility, lashed back at the protesters with force and terror. A single group, the Baath Party, controls the Syrian government. An article in their constitution even reads that only the Baath party is allowed to control the government. Therefore, there is no room for other parties to work within government. The government is dominated by a single dominion and thought. Without other parties, there is no actual representation of the complete population of Syria. The Syrians have a right to be represented in government and the Baath party cannot ensure for the total representation of the people. The Baath party dominated the life and thought of the Syrian population. If your thought contradicts the government’s thought, consequences ensue. In result, elections are skewed and controlled to ensure that the “right” nominee is elected to office. The Democracy Index of Syria ranks in the last 10 countries in the world. Furthermore, the government restricts most if not all of public expression. Protesters are harmed and detained. The government regulates the media, including television. The president’s family owns several TV stations that are primarily used for pro-regime propaganda. The Syrian government has even limited the access of outside media to report on its crimes. The number of human right wrongdoings could be described in detail for days. Torture, women’s rights, freedom of religion, right to justice, children’s rights, and racism have all been problems of human right injustices in Syria. But because of the government’s strict regulation of media, the real truth about these crimes has yet to be uncovered. Media cannot accurately report on the government’s wrongdoings without bias or fear of punishment. The situation in Syria could be far more severe if the real truth was exposed, but for now the Syrian government rages on without consequence.

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