Thursday, February 21, 2013

South Sudan: Tensions spiral after security forces clampdown on Wau protests

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Everyone on earth should be treated equal. Everyone should have right to speak out. However, for people lived in South Sudan’s, their undeniable rights were trampled by their government. The conflict started when the government decided to move Wau County headquarters from Wau to Bagari. Many people step out to protest. However, they were arrested arbitrarily by their government which contravenes the law in South Sudan. Some protestant even were killed. It is really astonish that 11 people lost their life in movement in two days. Ironically, the murderers are those who wearing the uniforms of “security force” in Sudan. They didn’t protect people, which should be their duty; instead, they become the “lacquer” of government. I think The government of Sudan is taking a dangerous step. They tried to control their people and made them obedient. Blooding killing and illegal arresting may scar some people and make they follow the order and being obedient temporary. However, if the government think they can control the situation and keeping doing whatever they want, then they would find out that they are wrong. People’s anger and eager for freedom hide in their heart and being accumulated every day when they witness what their government did to them. One day, the anger would erupt and turns into unstoppable power. The more person were arrested, the closer the government would be to its ending. Everyone should be treated equal despite their position or property. No government should control their citizen, and it is impossible to completely control people. The history gives us sufficient of failure example for dictator. Taking rights from people is equal to suicide.

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