Friday, February 8, 2013

Stop Online Piracy Act? Yeah, right.

             I am posting today to talk about the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) some of Congress wishes to establish in our government. The bill's actions are as the title sounds. It will attempt to eliminate internet piracy on copyrighted intangible products. In preparation for this article, I did my research on what the people thought about this act. Of course, overall, the general public thinks that this bill cannot and will not be passed. The internet is far too grand and far too complicated to actually be able to accomplish the goal of this bill. The removal of entire webpages, organizations, industries, etc will be required in order for SOPA to be fulfilled. Not too surprisingly, people feel that their rights are being violated if such a law were to be passed. Jobs could be lost, freedom of speech trampled, and the internet just would not be the same.

           My opinion does not differ too much from the general public. The honestly, the people who proposed this bill couldn't have been too knowledgeable of how the internet works. The fact that they even  overlooked the rights of desirable employment and freedom of speech are being encroached shows their ignorance of how capable the internet is. Sure, piracy is an issue, but sure-fire solution that does not violate human rights is not clear. If Congress wants to eradicate internet piracy they will have to find a way to protect the people who will be negatively affected.

Don't forget to read the articles down below if you are interested in this subject. Honestly, I know some of you don't want your rights infringed!




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