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The CYPRUS dispute 2

The CYPRUS dispute: 
Constant Violation of Human rights (Part 2)

      The human rights violations kept happening. The Turkish army was there to stay. As mentioned in my previous post, the Turkish troops violated many of the Cypriots’ human rights, including the illegal occupation of land and the displacement of many Cypriots from their properties.

Turkish Invation Plan 1974

      The Turks did not care at all. Their occupation plan started from the small town of Keryneia and expanded to the whole northeastern part of Cyprus. During their territorial expansion they committed many more human rights violations.

      The rapes were one of their most brutal violations. The Turkish troops were responsible for raping women of all ages (Children of 12 years old to 71 years old elderly women). Many of their victims suffered haemorrages, many became mentally devastated and others were killed. In some of the occupied areas enforced prostitution was practiced. All women and girls of a village were collected and put in special rooms where they were raped. They Turkish troops were so inhumane, that they did not even hesitate at all. Victims included pregnant and mentally ill women sometimes in front of their children and even in Public places.

Turkish soldiers advance during fighting that followed the July 20, 1974

      The rapes were not even the worst part of these women’s suffering. Many of the rapes were followed by brutalities like violent biting, severe wounding, banging their heads on the floor or even wringing their throats to almost the point of suffocation. Some of the victims were severely injured and some others were killed.

      All the rapes, killings and tortures were clearly a human right violation. In the corresponding article of the European Convention of human rights is stated that “No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment. Even though there are many proofs, the Turks refused that they committed these crimes.

      Turkey was found guilty. Proof showed that the Turkish government knew about the rapes and did nothing to prevent them. The European commission voted in favor of Cyprus and Turkey was found responsible for the obvious violation of human rights. Although Turkey never responded to the decision and it constantly refuses and boycotts any European Commission’s decision about the human rights violation in Cyprus.

      Many women suffered from the cruelty of the Turkish troops, and many of them are still suffering. It is unthinkable that Turkey is getting away with such an enormous crime. No government cares about that, nor willing to help Cyprus get legal compensations. Justice must be served so that these women can finally live peacefully the rest of their lives.

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