Friday, February 8, 2013

Human Rights Violation by Foxconn

While Apple products are popular around the world, the workers of Apple suppliers do not receive proper treatment. The largest Apple suppliers in the world, Foxconn,  has been criticized for its violations of employees human rights including excessive working hours , unpaid and extremely low salaries ,etc.

In the factories, employees typically work for more than 60 hours a week. Moreover, as Foxconn is a high-tech manufacture company, every worker has been assign a specific working place, which is narrow and small, to do the job. As a result, people easily get stressed and depressed because they are not allowed to move around during working time. That's why several people committed suicide in 2010. According to the audit report, employees already get used to excessive work hours. From my perspective, factories in Foxconn are more like a prison. People working there have no freedom and behave like robots rather than human beings.

What is worse, they do not get paid for overtime according to audit group FLA, which sent out by Apple Inn. This is a obvious violation of human rights and even Chinese Labor Law. And about 60% employees think that their regular salaries do not meet their life expanses.
As the exposure of these human rights violations Foxconn committed, Foxconn finally is going to abide Chinese Labor Law by decreasing working hours, paying overtime salaries and raise regular salaries for its employees. Hopefully, workers there will receive proper treatment they deserve.

As I am an international student form main land China, I know there are still a lots of companies do not appreciate human rights. I think if there are more organizations like FLA in China, most companies will change the way they treat their workers just like Foxconn.




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  1. Yeah yo, it's really horrible that all of these Western countries are taking advantage of labor in developing countries. I think in these situations the companies that hire underage, underpaid and overworked workers have all the power. The only way that working conditions for these men and women will improve is if companies like Apple and Google take initiative and end these clear human rights violations.