Friday, February 8, 2013

First Vote for UK Same-sex Marriage Results with Success

It’s a hot topic that’s been popping up more and more on a global scale.  Countries around the world have been considering the legalization of same-sex marriage, and I can’t help but get excited at the positive results.   

Yes, I know the controversy has become a rather trite issue in conversation, at least in America, but that should not diminish the importance of legal same-gender union.  It is an issue of human rights and gender rights when a man cannot partake in something a woman can and a woman cannot partake in what a man can.  The suppression of this right should not be maintained for the petty excuse of “people don’t like the idea.”  Americans of the mid/late 1900s “didn’t like” certain races bearing the same rights as others, and yet today, the notion of legal inequality in that respect sounds unreasonable. 

A few states here at home have already progressed towards it, and the UK’s growing successes lead me to anticipate further acceptance of what should have been an inherent right since the foundation of marriage. 

I’ve seen photos of people protesting the legalization, usually on the grounds of conflict with certain faiths or religions, and I can’t help but think of, as many others have also correlated to, the protests against African American rights.  People then, too, lined up in the streets with signs that shrilled how sacrilegious the notion would be.  My only hope in this matter is that one day our struggles with legalizing this for all will seem as foreign and archaic as fighting for race rights do today.

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